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Warrior's Triangle - A 24-min Practice
108 Sun Salutations
41-min Gentle Flow & Yin
Restorative Yoga session with the story of Ashtāvakra: Physical Appearance ≠ Mental Competence
63-min Restorative Yoga Session
20-min Guided Mediation
61-min Restorative Yoga:
Patrul Rinpoche & The Medicine Buddha Mantra
63+min Restorative:
Mahāvīra & The First Limb of Yoga
65+min Restorative:
Yājñavalkya, Gargī & The Yoga of Non-duality
60+min Restorative:
Naropa, Niguma & The Yoga of Clearlight
60-min Restorative Yoga Practice
52-min Tristhāna Vinyāsa Flow
70-min Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
31+min Yoga and Meditation
47+ min Gentle Flow Into Stillness
60-min Story-time Restorative Yoga Class
23-min Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
75-min Bhakti Vinyāsa
47-min Flow & Yin
40-min Gentle Power Flow
30-min Tristhāna Flow
48-min Slow Gentle Flow
1hr 8min Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow with the theme of Tristhāna:
45+min Mahāmudrā Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
50-min Śūnyatā Vinyāsa Flow
52-minute Slow Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow w/ Tristhāna
Gentle Flow with Meditation
40-minute Flow
22-minute Gentle Flow into Stillness
the first chapter of the Yogasūtra
30-minute Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
15-min Movement & Meditation
8-point posture and Ānāpānasmṛti
(Mindfulness of Breathing)
Vipassanā (Insight) and Mettā (Loving-kindness) meditation
Yogasūtra 1.33 on Harmonium
22-minute Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
76+minute Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
18+minute Flow Into Meditation
20+minute Gentle Yoga and Meditation
1hour 8min Bhakti Vinyāsa Flow
60+ minute Bhakti Vinyāsa Yoga Practice
30-minute gentle yoga and meditation (8-Limbs)
11-minute Yoga Practice (Medicine Buddha Mantra)
20 minute Gentle Yoga Practice
80 minute All-levels Bhakti Vinyasa Yoga Practice