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Mantra means resolution. It is derived from the words manas (mind) and trai (to defend). Often what makes the difference between thriving or suffering in life is the content of our mind. Such content can be transformed by approximating the ideal of being unafflicted (Īśvara praṇidhāna) by taking responsibility (svādhyāya) for our thoughts, speech, actions, habits and values (tapas) rather than letting them control us. Mantra practice is not only a way to defend our minds from the obstacles to wellbeing, but a way to live on purpose rather than accidentally.


Beginning on the 1st, you will receive 28 daily emails that include pre-recorded videos, PDFs and audio files of 28 different mantras with an explanation and instructions on how to use them for kīrtan, meditation, prāṇāyāma or even haṭha yoga practice. This course also comes with daily email support, access to live-stream guided meditations from 6-6:20am followed by Q & A (recordings sent out the next day) and a certificate upon completion worth 15 hours of YACEUs.



$149 for 3 month access

$199 for lifetime access

(payment plans and scholarship applications available upon request)

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