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This 4-week course covers 15 powerful techniques with daily emails that include: a brief guided practice video, a written PDF commentary, links to scientific research regarding benefits and concerns, daily email support, and resources for further study. Anyone who completes all 28-days of practice receives a certificate of completion good for 15 hours of YACEUs.


In this course you will:

- learn how to practice 15 different techniques

- gradually develop greater impulse control

- develop an inner calmness that stays with you

- learn the accurate Sanskrit pronunciation for each technique


15 Techniques:

अग्निप्राण agniprāṇa ≈ Breath of Fire
कपालभाति kapālabhāti ≈ Skull Shining
भस्त्रिका bhastrikā ≈ Bellows
सूर्यभेदन sūryabhedana ≈ Piercing the Sun
उज्जायी ujjāyī ≈ Victorious
चन्द्रभेदन candrabhedana ≈ Piercing the Moon
दीर्घसूक्ष्म dīrghasūkṣma ≈ Long and Gentle
भ्रमरी bhrāmarī ≈ Queen Bee
सीत्करी sītkārī ≈ Hissing
शीतली śītalī ≈ Cooling
विलोम अनुलोम viloma anuloma ≈ 3-part inhale, natural exhale
अनुलोम विलोम anuloma viloma ≈ natural inhale, 3-part exhale
विलोम विलोम viloma viloma ≈ 3-part inhale, 3-part exhale
नाडीशोधन nāḍīśodhana ≈ Channel Cleansing (Both Nostrils)
नाडीशोधन nāḍīśodhana ≈ Channel Cleansing (Alternate Nostril)


$149 for 3 month access

$199 for lifetime access

(payment plans and scholarship applications available upon request)


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