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Decoding the Yoga Sutra

May 6 - 8

Asheville Yoga Center


Come for an in-depth tour of the most authoritative text on yoga philosophy. Originally written in a compressed form of Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, the Yoga sūtra requires a commentary to make sense. Although Vyāsa's Yoga Bhāṣhya (c.450 CE) is often considered to be the standard commentary, his unwavering devotion to Sāṃkhya philosophy and disregard of Buddhist ideas in the original text leave much to be desired.

In this workshop, you will explore the main themes of each chapter, compare nine different famous translations and commentaries side by side, practice teaching from the original text without misrepresenting it and make meaningful connections to your personal experience, multiple contemplative traditions and scientific discoveries. You will also learn techniques for studying each sūtra that can help you engage your students with useful insights while they practice. Each session will include an āsana and meditation practice based on the themes of each chapter.

The Bhagavad Gita: Moral Philosophy for Modern Yoga Practitioners

June 3 - 5 

Asheville Yoga Center


Moral philosophy is the very foundation of the eight limbs of yoga. Join us for a weekend of practice and reflection on one of the greatest yoga texts of all time: महभरतम् Mahābhāratam (Great India) and its famous section: भगवद् गत Bhagavad Gītā (Song of the Divine). This epic story of two families has been a source of inspiration and wisdom for nearly two millennia. In addition to an overview of the Gītās 18 chapters and its greatest quotes, you will explore the current debate on the new science of morality:

You will learn about the differences between liberal and conservative moral channels, automatic vs. manual morality, the moral landscape, willpower, and the false dichotomy between emotion and reason so that you can better communicate with your audience. You will learn several inspirational stories that you can share in your classes to help make the world a better place.

5 Day Bhakti Vinyasa Flow

July 23 - 27

Asheville Yoga Center

in person

Come for an opportunity to join a special group of aspiring and experienced yoga teachers and serious students who are ready to deepen their practices and transform themselves into more effective and creative flow yoga teachers.


Bhakti means devotion to something higher than just ourselves. Whether it be toward a relationship, a family, a community, future generations or all beings, Bhakti is essentially the development of compassion, love, gratitude and equanimity.

Vinyāsa means to move skillfully with the breath. It is a set of principles that can help us accept where we are now so that we can move with integrity from one posture to the next in a flowing yoga sequence toward optimal well-being.


This teacher training will inspire or re-inspire the fundamentals of vinyasa flow yoga with a devotional aspect that will awaken the heart to love and peace. Students looking to become teachers, students who are currently teachers with or without previous training, or students simply having the desire to deepen their practice, will find this course inspiring and practical.



How to design and teach dynamic sequences
Teaching Ujjayi breathing (the inner and outer technique)
5 Bandhas for functional alignment
Mantras for empowerment
9 kinds of Bhakti

Love Shine Play Festival

July 28 - 31