The Yoga of Stories and Resilience
3 Sundays in December 5-6pm (6, 13, & 20)

Join Michael Johnson ERYT-500 for an hour long session of Restorative Yoga accompanied by a story of loss and resilience from two great Epics from ancient India, the Mahābhārata and the Rāmāyaṇa. Each session will also include a real life story of someone who endured great hardship but, through stillness, compassion, patience and wisdom, found a way to thrive again. 


Sīta’s Lament and Long Road to Recovery


Proceeds for Sunday 11/15 will go toward helping Ezekia Mumbere, an orphaned refugee living in Uganda, who is attempting to finish school at age 23. He lost his family when he was a teenager and is now a refugee living in Uganda. 

Śrī Rāma and Lakśmana Meet Hanuman 


Proceeds from Saturday 11/22 will go toward helping Smile Together India provide food to nearly 300 families in Bodhgaya, India

They currently help feed 300

Families in Bodhgaya with food campaigns and an have an extraordinary mission statement: “To create a society without poverty, illiteracy, sickness, child labour or gender and social inequality.“


Śrī Krishna and The Three Spheres 


Proceeds from Sunday 11/29 will go to help an Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda afford rent during Covid and to continue providing food, shelter and education for dozens of orphaned children. 


These live stream events will be hosted by Zen Yoga Center.

5 Day Flow & Yin Intensive
December 9 -13, 2020
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

This deeply transformational five-day teacher training intensive will offer practical tools to incorporate the “yin and yang” perspectives of Yin & Vinyasa Flow Yoga into your everyday life, practice and teaching. By exploring the deep and meditative practice of Yin Yoga, and the more active, flowing aspects of vinyasa yoga, you will learn to move through your life from a more awakened, balanced and harmonious place.


Curriculum includes:
– Yin Yoga theory and practice
– Vinyasa Flow and the elements of moving mindfully in a stable and balanced way
– Meditation and mindfulness practices
– Transformational pranayama techniques
– The use of touch and purposeful hands-on adjustments
– Designing and teaching balanced sequences for all levels (beginners to intermediate)
– Skillful verbal communication
– Deep relaxation techniques

195 Day Challenge 
January 1, 2021
This on-line course is for anyone who wants the benefits of maintaining a modest daily yoga and meditation practice. The Yogasūtra is made up of 195 compact statements that will serve as a tour through the various continents of Yoga Philosophy across millennia. This course will include a variety of prerecorded 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute yoga classes that you can practice at home at your own convenience.
This course will also include a variety of guided meditations relevant to the techniques mentioned in the Yogasūtra. Though you are welcome to practice any technique you choose, you will be required to practice for at least 20 minutes every day. It can be any style of yoga, meditation or any combination of the two. Some days it might be strictly śavāsana and other days it could be multiple classes.
Starting on January 1, 2021, you will receive an email with one Yogasūtra per day, audio-tracks for accurate pronunciation and an original melody for each sūtra. In the PDF you will find a comparison of 20 different English translations, Vyāsa's commentary (योगभाष्य Yogabhāṣya [c.450 CE]), and my commentary with links to relevant topics in 2020. As an optional component you will also receive weekly quizzes and access to a private group on Facebook where people can share stories, ask questions, and engage in friendly discussions.
The tuition for this course is $195 (scholarships available). Anyone who completes all 195 days will receive a t-shirt with the eight-limb mālā.
Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā and Prāṇāyāma
January 8 - 10, 2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

What's the difference between the Yoga Sutras and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika? While many of us have studied the Yoga Sutras, which illuminates the philosophy behind the practice of yoga, the Haṭha Yoga Pradīpikā isn't as popular. It is so vital, as it teaches us the "how to" of yoga postures and breathing. It gets very specific on how to perform specific techniques ranging from āsana, diet, prāṇāyāma, mudrā, bandha, meditation and nāda yoga. Our weekend together will contain a thorough overview of this 15th century text, along with an emphasis on how to optimally practice and teach seven different prāṇāyāma techniques.


Please join us as you explore this ancient text to extract the vital essence of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Learning and practicing these ancient and valuable techniques will not only enhance your teaching, but your own life as well. Each session will contain lecture, discussion, a well sequenced āsana practice, prāṇāyāma and meditation.

Yoga, Chakras, & Consciousness
January 29 - 31, 2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

Come for a weekend of yoga, meditation and reflection on the many paths to wellness. Drawing from ancient Indian and Tibetan lineages, as well as modern research in contemplative neuroscience and positive psychology, you will explore what is meant by chakras, nadis and vayus. By deepening your understanding of these mysterious energy channels, you can become more grounded in effective ways to help others overcome obstacles toward their growth and well-being. As a system for helping us manage our daily habits, you will learn a series of postures for each chakra, breathing techniques, mantras, melodies and meditations that can easily be integrated into your practice and teaching. There will also be a session with Neuropsychologist, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Will Hamilton.

The Bhagavad Gita:
Moral Philosophy for Modern Yoga Practitioners
February 26 - 28, 2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

Moral philosophy is the very foundation of the eight limbs of yoga. Join us for a weekend of practice and reflection on one of the greatest yoga texts of all time: महभरतम् Mahābhāratam (Great India) and its famous section: भगवद् गत Bhagavad Gītā (Song of the Divine). This epic story of two families has been a source of inspiration and wisdom for nearly two millennia. In addition to an overview of the Gītās 18 chapters and its greatest quotes, you will explore the current debate on the new science of morality: 

You will learn about the differences between liberal and conservative moral channels, automatic vs. manual morality, the moral landscape, willpower, and the false dichotomy between emotion and reason so that you can better communicate with your audience. You will learn several inspirational stories that you can share in your classes to help make the world a better place.


(Singing, Leading Kīrtan and Meditation)

Mantra means resolution. It is derived from the words manas (mind) and train (to defend). Sometimes, what makes the difference between thriving or suffering in life is the content of our mind. Such content can be transformed through our speech, actions, habits and values with far-reaching consequences. Mantra practice is a way to defend our minds from the obstacles to wellness.

In the workshop you will learn:
-Mantras for universal peace and empowerment
-How to lead kīrtan
-Easy chords for harmonium, guitar or ukulele
-How to lead mantra meditation and mantra-based breathing techniques

Each session will include an all-levels āsana practice.

5-Day Bhakti Vinyasa Intensive
April 21 - 25,  2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

An opportunity to join a special group of both aspiring and experienced yoga teachers and serious students who are ready to deepen their practice and transform themselves into more effective and creative flow yoga teachers.

Bhakti means devotion to something higher than just ourselves. Whether it be toward a relationship, a family, a community, future generations or all beings, Bhakti is essentially the development of compassion, love, gratitude and equanimity.

Vinyasa means to move skillfully with the breath. It is a set of principles that can help us accept where we are now so that we can move with integrity, from one posture to the next in a flowing yoga sequence and toward optimal well-being.
These intensive yoga teacher trainings will inspire or re-inspire the fundamentals of vinyasa flow yoga with a devotional aspect that will awaken the heart to love and peace. Students looking to become teachers, students who are currently teachers with or without previous training, or students simply having the desire to deepen their practice, will find this course inspiring and practical.


How to design and teach dynamic sequences
Teaching Ujjayi breathing in a steady flow
5 Bandhas for optimal alignment
Hands-on assists
Mantras for empowerment
9 Kinds of Bhakti Deepen your personal practice as you gain insight into your own creative flow

Decoding the Yoga Sūtra
April 30 - May 2,  2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

Come for an in-depth tour of the most authoritative text on yoga philosophy. Originally written in a compressed form of Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, the Yoga sūtra requires a commentary to make sense. Although Vyāsa's Yoga Bhāṣhya (c.450 CE) is often considered to be the standard commentary, his unwavering devotion to Sāṃkhya philosophy and disregard of Buddhist ideas in the original text leave much to be desired.

In this workshop, you will explore the main themes of each chapter, compare nine different famous translations and commentaries side by side, practice teaching from the original text without misrepresenting it and make meaningful connections to your personal experience, multiple contemplative traditions and scientific discoveries. You will also learn techniques for studying each sūtra that can help you engage your students with useful insights while they practice. Each session will include an āsana and meditation practice based on the themes of each chapter.

Yoga, Meditation and Consciousness

May 21 - 23,  2021
Asheville Yoga Center       LIVE STREAM

Explore the nature of consciousness directly and collectively in this experiential workshop. Integrating the insights of Francis Crick, Kristof Koch, Karl Pribahim, David Chalmers, Daniel Dennett, Susan Blackmore, and Anil Seth with the descriptions of consciousness in the Upanishads, the Yogasūtra, or the Ashtāvakra Gītā can be tricky to say the least. This weekend workshop will include guided yoga, meditations and partnering exercises in every session.