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The Foundations of Yoga Anatomy

In this course we will explore everything you ought to know about the human body to practice and teach yoga. From the earth element (bones, ligaments & tendons), the water element (muscles, blood, lymph), the fire element (nerves, the brain & digestion), the air element (respiration, transmitters & polyvagal theory), to the space element (anatomical planes, movements & appreciating the different kinds of human bodies).


This self-paced course comes with unlimited access to 28-daily emails, each one comes with a 10 minute pre-recorded video, a guided meditation on each topic, a visual PDF, resources for further study, daily email support and access to an optional live-stream Q and A session. Starts January 1st, 2023! Completion of the course comes with a certificate worth 15 hours of YACEUs. Tuition $149 (scholarship applications available upon request) 

starting 2/1/23


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