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Starting on the 1st, you can learn the foundations of vinyāsa via daily emails with a pre-recorded video and a written PDF on the following topics:


1. What is Vinyāsa?

2. Simple 2-posture Sequences

3. Traditional Sun Salutations

4. Sun Salutation A

5. Floating Down Instead of Jumping Back

6. Sun Salutation B

7. The Triangle Sequence

8. The Side Angle Sequence

9. The Straddle Sequence

10. The Pyramid Sequence

11. The Big Toe Balance Sequence

12. The Warrior Sequence

13. The Warrior's Triangle

14. Forest for the Trees

15. Flight of the Eagle

16. Careful Steps Toward Handstand

17. Sun Salutation C

18. Dragon Sequence

19. How to Design Your Own Sequence

20. Śūnyatā Vinyāsa

21. Vinyāsa in Meditation

22. Balancing Effort and Ease

23. A Balanced Vinyāsa Class

24. Vinyāsa Into Stillness

25. Freestyle Movement

26. Vinyāsa for Acute vs. Chronic Injuries

27. Finding Flow

28. Teaching Vinyāsa


This self-paced course comes with daily email support, a certificate upon completion (worth 15 hours of YACEU's) and access to daily live-stream guided meditations at 6am EST as well as lifetime access to the recordings.


$149 for 3 month access

$199 for lifetime access

(payment plans and scholarship applications available upon request)

available now, start anytime

3 month access

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lifetime access

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