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A beginner friendly approach to learning the language that all the most important Yoga texts were composed in. This self-paced course comes with lifetime access to 28 bite size lessons in the form of pre-recorded videos, written PDFs, daily email support and access to a daily guided live-stream meditation practice followed by time for Q & A. Completion of the course comes with a certificate good for 15 hours of YACEUs.


In this course you will learn:


- history and context of Vedic and Classical Sanskrit 

- the five positions of the mouth

- the Sanskrit Alphabet

- the yoga of vowels and consonants

- how to read and write in the Devanāgarī Script

- how to read and write IAST (International Association of Sanskrit Transliteration)

- proper pronunciation of popular yoga terms 

- how to navigate differences in opinion regarding pronunciation

- basics of Sanskrit grammar

- Masculine, Feminine and Neutral Case Endings

- resources for further study


Tuition $149 (payment plans and scholarship applications available upon request)


starting 6/1/23


Thanks for submitting!

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