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To learn Yoga is to practice it properly. The Yogasūtra attributed to Patañjali provides a clear definition of Yoga, instructions on how to practice it, obstacles that we will encounter and a variety of ways to overcome them in a non-dogmatic way. Though many have viewed this text through the lens of the earliest known commentary attributed to Vyāsa (c.450 CE), the original thread appears to be arguing for a much simpler and more universal philosophy that anyone can practice. This course will provide a much deeper understanding of the Yogasūtra in 28 pre-recorded sessions (10-15 minutes each) that you can watch at your own pace. Each session comes with a brief multiple choice quiz and a call and response audio track to memorize the original thread with proper pronunciation. This course comes with daily email support and access to daily guided meditations followed by livestream Q and A. Completion of all the quizzes comes with a certificate worth 15 hours of YACEUs that can also be applied toward a 300-hour Yoga Philosophy Training certificate through Clearlight Yoga.

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