195 Day Challenge Summer Solstice

This on-line course is for anyone who wants the benefits of maintaining a modest daily yoga and meditation practice. The Yogasūtra is made up of 195 compact statements that will serve as a tour through the various continents of Yoga Philosophy across millennia. This course will include a variety of prerecorded 15, 20, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minute yoga classes that you can practice at home at your own convenience.
This course will also include a variety of guided meditations relevant to the techniques mentioned in the Yogasūtra. Though you are welcome to practice any technique you choose, you will be required to practice for at least 20 minutes every day. It can be any style of yoga, meditation or any combination of the two. Some days it might be strictly śavāsana and other days it could be multiple classes.
Starting on the Summer Solstice, you will receive an email with one Yogasūtra per day, audio-tracks for accurate pronunciation and an original melody for each sūtra. In the PDF you will find a comparison of 20 different English translations, Vyāsa's commentary (योगभाष्य Yogabhāṣya [c.450 CE]), and my commentary with links to relevant topics in 2020. As an optional component you will also receive weekly quizzes and access to a private group on Facebook where people can share stories, ask questions, and engage in friendly discussions.
The tuition for this course is $195 (scholarships available). Anyone who completes all 195 days will receive a t-shirt with the eight-limb mālā.
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