Join me in a daily meditation practice. 

Vipassanā or insight meditation is the source of all mindfulness practices. It originates from early Buddhism as a means for overcoming the common causes of suffering. With a modest daily practice of this technique, the practitioner gradually develops insights that result in inner peace, stability and tranquility.


Mettā or compassion based meditation is a widely studied technique that can not only result in better relationships, but also can help with sleep, mood elevation, outlook on life and increasing gray matter in key areas of the brain. In this 4-week session we will explore 3 different ways to cultivate compassion and kindness for all beings.


Each series includes 8 downloads:

                 4 audio recordings of each week's practice


                 4 pdf handouts to help guide the way

Use one recording and handout to guide you through our practice each week.

Allow yourself time to be still and practice every day. 

When you complete all 4 weeks, join us in our other meditation series. Then begin again! 

Buy both together.