December 9, 2019

"I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells, 

That place in you that is Light, Love, Truth, Peace,

When you are in the place in you and I am in that place in me, 

There is only one of us, Namaste."

The first studio I taught for was called Namaste Yoga. The owner, Veronica, would always end her class with a Thich Nhat Hanh quote, “We sit together, the mountain and me...until only the mountain remains. Namaste.”

The word breaks down in to Namaḥ = reverence and te = divinity. When combined, the visarga at the end of Namaḥ turns to an ‘s’ and you get Namaste. In the context of ending a yoga class, it’s the perfect word to point to the potential in all of us to be kind, compassionate, grateful and equanimous. Though the word can also mean a more formal hello, the intention behind it is the key...

December 5, 2019

I've been teaching yoga for nearly two decades. Since 2016, I have been using permission cards in my classes. I have learned that hands-on assists can be very helpful, informative, even enjoyable, but not always and not everyone wants them. If you come to one of my classes, you will find a pile of cards by the entrance for anyone who wants hands-on assists to place by their mat. If you change your mind during the class, you can hide the card under your mat. 

Why Hands-on Assists?

There are many good reasons to offer hands-on assists: helping with stability, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Feedback Stretching (PNF), applying traction, etc. Verbal cues are also helpful, but in no way a substitute for the reasons mentioned above.

What's the Problem?

Well, where to begin? Perhaps the most important concern is th...

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